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Article: Why La’ Box?

Why La’ Box?

Why La’ Box?

La’ Box 

Have you ever had to do a crazy hunt for your ashtray, rolling tray, poker, or grinder? Does it always seem like nothing stays where you left them, and you always have to spend extra minutes searching for things when you just need a long drag of smoke in your lungs? 

Cannabis storage is a big deal, not just for organizing stuff and privacy but also to ensure that absolutely nothing ruins that woody and earthly smell of your smoke. 

That is why you should only trust the best products for your stuff. La’ box is a must-have storage container. Its stylish and compact design, large storage space with partitions, and selected wood finish are practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

Not only can you display all your gadgets in one pleasing package, but you can also keep them away from prying eyes while ensuring everything remains exactly where you left them. Need a quick drag? Just reach into your lock-protected stash box with a detachable rolling tray and get to work. Cannabis storage has never been so easy. 

What's in the Box?

  • 1x large stash box (170mm/270mm/230mm)
  • 1x humidifier kit 
  • 1x concrete ashtray 
  • Brass doob tube 
  • 3x glass jar 

Stylish and Compact Design 

With the stylish and compact design of la’ box, you get more room for less space. There are three layers with adequate room to store different materials and gadgets. The detachable tray sits just below the wooden door located at the top of the stash box. 

Underneath that is the main storage area for storing grinders, glass jars, and others. Both are lock protected and airtight, keeping prying strangers and offensive odors out and freshness in. 

The bottom drawer provides additional room to store the key to the stash box and other materials. 

Selected Wood Finish 

La’ box is made from the best wood finish that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are on the go or just enjoying a pleasant afternoon on your porch, you will always be happy to whisk out your stash box and get to business. The wood finish is also very durable and guaranteed to stay shiny and stylish for a long time. 

All-in-one Components 

This is an all-in-one device. It comes with a rolling tray, an airtight glass jar for utmost protection and freshness, a door lid system with an o-ring, a detachable drawer, and a large compartment for storage. There is also no need to worry about moisture damage as the stash box comes with a quality humidifier kit. 

The high functionality of this stash box makes it a perfect gift for yourself or any other person who enjoys a good smoke—everything you need in one attractive, durable, and compact package. 

Organizer Drawer and Partitions 

We love organizing, and we know you do too. That is why la’ box is fitted with organizer partitions and a drawer. The tray has a 15mm-deep area for storing all your accessories. The main compartment also contains three rounded partitions for grinders and jars. Lastly, the drawer can be divided into four parts for more room and orderliness. La’ box keeps everything separate yet together in one wholesome, attractive, and organized package. 

The Aromatic Scent of Cedar & Acacia 

Who can go wrong with the cedar and acacia trees' aromatic, earthly, and woody scent? That is why la’ box comes in two amazing variants. The first is the acacia wood variant with antique brass hinges, lock, and drawer puller. It also comes in walnut wood with a cedar wood interior and antique silver lock and drawer puller.  Both types of wood have been carefully chosen for durability, aesthetics, and aromatic smell—no less than you deserve. 


Why La’ Box? 

This stash box exudes class, practicality, and durability from its airtight odor-locking top, top-quality wood variants to its compact and stylish design. You can finally have all your accessories in one odor-free and secured package. The drawer, tray, and other sections also help you keep everything organized and orderly. Herb storage has never been easier or classier.  

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