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Prepare the perfect joints at home with our premium gluten-free, organically-grown rolling papers, available in two separate sizes for your convenience. Made from unbleached and unrefined paper, you're sure to get the best natural flavor whenever you use these long-lasting papers to roll some of your favorite cannabis strains. Each pack of the La'Cannapa Rolling Papers comes with a minimum of 20 and up to 100 pre-roll cones and filters in two different colors that make every drag even better than the previous one. Enjoy fully enhanced smoking sessions when you're smoking these top-tier rolling papers filled with flavorful herbs.


 We have two sizes of papers available – 3.77” (98mm) and 4.3"(109mm).

Our rolling cones are made from quality, unrefined, unbleached paper. 

The paper is organically grown, free of gluten, and is non-GMO.

Natural pre roll cones rolling papers
Natural pre roll cones rolling papers Sale price$11.99 USD