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Article: What Makes La’ Tube Unique

What Makes La’ Tube Unique

What Makes La’ Tube Unique

La’ Tube by La’ Cannapa

Stylish, Smell Proof, and Lightweight Discreet Case.

Most smokers will admit that one of the most challenging things to experience is needing a smoke in a place or situation where it’ll be awkward to bring out a stash box to roll up for a smoke. Not only is it a bit strenuous to go around carrying a stash everywhere you go, but it could also be awkward to begin to roll up in public spaces. When it comes to situations like these, there’s the need to maintain a level of discreteness.

For that reason, La’ Cannapa has carefully designed a La’ Tube joint storage case to protect your rolled-up weed, cannabis, hemp, or tobacco joint while ensuring that you enjoy a level of discreet space. 

La’ Tube is a high-quality joint container that’s perfect for storing your joint in a safe and discreet manner, also ensuring that it fits anywhere in your home, pocket, or backpack. La’ Tube is the ideal choice for any smoker who intends to keep a joint safe and discreet, especially when on the move.

Product Details: 

  • Joint Case with X” x X” Dimension
  • Airtight, Smell Proof Storage
  • Water and Moisture Resistant
  • Non-Gunky and Easy-to-Clean Tube
  • Lightweight, Durable, and Compact Design
  • Sleek, Discreet, and Portable Design
  • Discrete Travel Storage
  • 100% Natural Brass Finish 

Product Features

  1. Outdoor-Focused Joint Storage

The Storage Case is an innovative container that allows you to enjoy your relaxation and outdoor leisure just the way you’ll have it. With it, you have the freedom to smoke your joint when and where you want to without having to take any excuse. So whether you’re at a party, at home with your friends and family, on a trip, or anywhere public, you can simply take out your pre-rolled .

  1. Pocket-Friendly Container

Falling within a 5-inch length, your La’ Tube is just at the perfect size to fit into your pocket, purse, or handbag without appearing conspicuous. It also maintains a discreet appearance, so much so that it can blend with other personal items in your purse or bag like cosmetics, toiletries, or even your keys without anyone noticing.

  1. Quick-Access Tube Design

Besides coming in a short tube length, La’ Tube case also has a compact design that gives it great usability. It doesn’t include any screw-on or screw-off lids that may make it tougher to open or close. Rather, it’s enclosed in an air-tight container that doesn’t require much pushing or pulling. With this, you can easily roll one up wherever you are without putting in too much effort. It’s also super lightweight, so you don’t even have to feel like you’re carrying anything on you.

  1. Trustworthy Protection for Your Herbs

Despite not coming in an brass or metal casing, this portable holder case is designed to be airtight. Hence, it seals in odors and prevents air from entering into your herb and contaminating it. The container also prevents bending, breakage, or moisture from reaching your herbs for higher-quality freshness.

What Makes La’ Tube Unique

La’ Tube by La’ Cannapa is your go-to joint storage case whenever you need to maintain discreteness when you intend to have relaxing “smoke time” even as you head out. You can now comfortably take your joint with you when you hang out with friends, go on a trip or have to be around other people. You can also decide to go for this when you need to move or travel light.

La’ Cannapa wants to ensure that you get the most comfort and herb protection by providing you with the best smoke accessories so you can enjoy your smoking experience with ease, pride, and style.

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