Various factors come into play when you store your Herb. Light, air, humidity, heat and many more. If you are serious about maintaining freshness of your herb, you might not want to give this article a pass.

Store in a glass jar with a lid,  Glass jars are a good, economical option for storage of weed. They create an artificial air-locked environment and prevent any microbial growth triggered by external factors. In simple words, no seeping in, no seeping out of the air. Jars that come with rubber (washer like ) seals are even better as they shut tight easily.

Freezing for freshness: A good idea?, Absolutely not. It is yet another common misconception that freezing weed would preserve its freshness and nutritive value. However, herb is not a fruit or a vegetable. Your herb might actually go bad faster than usual. Here's why. We open and close the fridge maybe a hundred times a day. This increases the chances of contamination by the external microbial environment. No rocket science.

Vacuum Sealing, Some herb connoisseurs swear by vacuum sealing. Sealing your herb in containers made of bisphenol-free plastic keeps your herb healthy and fresh for a longer period of time. It reduces the chances of any airborne contamination resulting from humidity.

Light Vs Dark, More exposure to light, less are the chances of buds staying fresh. One of the main reasons being, weed is essentially an organic substance. Hence it is prone to decay by environmental factors. High level of exposure to light dries out the terpenes present in Weed and over time, your bud loses aroma.

Avoid a lot of heat exposure, Terpenes largely affect the aroma, flavor and even the color of the  plant. At higher temperature, the weed and terpenes start boiling. The leaves curl up and develop brown/yellow spots at places. These are the first signs of heat stress. Similarly, extreme cold conditions affect the Trichomes and make them brittle. 

Do not add any other organic matter in the storage jar, Leave your weed alone. There are those who suggest that adding fruits and veggies in the weed jar help the bud ‘regain’ moisture. It is wise not to fall for these cool hacks and stay on the safer side. Simple, common sense. Adding more organic matter to a jar containing weed creates a happy breeding ground for mold and mildew. 

Boveda Packs Boveda packs go a step further in the storage of weed. Unmonitored humidity levels can damage the bud by breaking down trichomes  This can severely alter potency as well as the aroma of the weed. Boveda packs come with salt and water absorbent beads that regulate the RH level ( relative humidity level ). They absorb excess moisture and add back whenever necessary.

Weed Humidors - Saving the best for last, weed humidors are every  connoisseur's best friend. If you really want your weed fresh, sans all the complications, invest in a herb humidor. These little boxes crafted expressly for storage of Weed, are absolutely airtight and opaque. In addition to this, they also maintain the humidity or RH level between 59 and 63 %, ideal for storage of herb.

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